It’s estimated that there are 55 Million Expats on this Planet. People of all ages, most races and almost every country, living in other lands.

XPATRATED.COM wants to make life simpler for those who have made the decision to leave the lives they are accustomed to and create a new beginning in foreign lands. Your stay may be long term, short term or maybe you are just visiting a new country.

 Our mandate at XPatrated.com is to help Xpats locate the goods and services they need. To make the transition simpler and more streamlined. To trim the learning curve.

 We hope you will join our growing community of XPats by sharing your knowledge with others on this web site. Where do you shop? Where do you do business? What services are available and how would you rate those goods and services. XPats helping XPats.

 And, if you are a local National, feel free to participate. Do you have a service or product you would like to offer. Contact us on our contact page and we will include your basic listing “free of charge”.