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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Crop Over Festival

April 21, 2020 business

When you’ve Rihanna looking straight-up like a mermaid-slash-peacock-slash-GODDESS in her jewel-encrusted bikini, aqua strands, and colorful plumage for a festival you’ve by no means heard before, you’ve got each reason to imagine that said festival should be price knowing. And that’s why, with the help of Petra Roach, the U.S. Director of Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc, we’re presenting a quick explainer of what the Crop Over Festival is, why it’s significant, why it’s essential to plan a go to for subsequent 12 months’s, and most significantly, which celebrities are in common attendance.

So what’s it?

It’s a harvest festival that started in 1687 in Barbados as a way to celebrate the tip of the sugar cane season, and since then, it’s turn out to be the country’s biggest event. It begins in June and runs until the first Monday in August, ending with The Grand Okayadooment, making it two month-lengthy party for the islanders. There are arts and crafts markets, folk concerts, culinary stations, and a lot more. But The Grand Okadooment is the place it’s at, with masquerade bands, costumed spectators, and celebrities dancing behind music trucks and moving bars by the streets toward Spring Garden Highway, where the party is about towards Brighton beach.

Why is it necessary to Barbados?

“Historically, it’s a time to celebrate that the sugar cane harvesting was successful,” Roach says. “It’s a time when Barbadians come out and celebrate with one another and give thanks.”

What traditions have been preserved?

Crop over traditions embody singing, dancing, consuming and ingesting competitions, but the notable ones that also persist are “the awarding of a king and queen of the crop, who are the female and male, who have reduce probably the most cane during the season,” Roach says. “As well as Calypso music, which is a quick, rhythmic beat that speaks to social and political commentary.”

What is the energy like?

“Off the charts—lit,” she says. “Non-cease events, amazing vibe, people of all colour, nationalities, shapes, and sizes come together and enjoy.”

What’s the story behind the costumes?

“Traditionally, the bands would give attention to themes for the costume, so there might be ones that revolve across the colors of Barbados or ones that symbolize various industries,” Roach explains. “Over time, the costumes have turn into smaller, however are brightly colored with loads of feathers.”

Which celebrities attended Crop Over Festival? Does Rihanna attend every year?

“Rihanna attends most years and this yr made a big splash with her blue hair,” Roach says. Different celebrities include: Rotimi, A.J. Calloway, Angela Yee, Jeremy Meeks, Chloe Green, and Lewis Hamilton.

Does Barbados see a spike in vacationers during Crop Over Festival?

“It’s undoubtedly a really busy time of the year where every seat coming into the island is sold out and hotels run at a really high occupancy,” Roach says. “And it continues to grow.”

Is this the biggest occasion for Barbados?

“I’d say so and we’ve got seen exponential progress, especially outside the USA— the number of fringe occasions (boat rides, parties) being held around Crop Over also proceed to expand,” Roach says.

How does the Barbados Tourism group promote the festival?

“More and more Barbadian musical artists are enjoying nice success like Rupee and Alison Hinds, and so they journey a terrific deal to carry out and promote the event on the identical time to a carnival-loving audience,” Roach says.

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